Stephanie has made a valuable contribution to our personal development programs. She is happy to share her wealth of knowledge; demonstrating genuine empathy for all of her clients. Steph very quickly became our provider of choice for therapy based activity. She is a true professional, totally solution focused

Mark Frisby

Clients reviews

I was unsure if hypnotherapy could help me after my marriage breakdown, but after discussing with Stephanie my situation, she knew what was required. She helped me by designing scripts to rebuild my confidence and then work on other areas of my life such as anxiety and weight loss.
Tony Bradshaw - Leicester
I recently approached Stephanie Murphy after receiving a recommendation through a good friend. I have a real fear of public speaking which I felt was hindering my career progression and had heard that hypnosis could help to build my confidence. Stephanie spent time getting to know me and making sure she fully understood the anxiety that I had. She put a coping plan in place and after the first session I felt much more confident, the thought of public speaking wasn’t as scary as before.. Stephanie kept in touch and over time my confidence has started to build. I found the experience extremely useful and would certainly recommend Stephanie to friends and colleagues.
Roisin - Leicester
After many years of trying to give up smoking and many different ways of trying to do it, I decided to do a couple of sessions with Stephanie. She listened to my needs and wrote a script that catered for me. She was calm and caring and extremely helpful. She is very good at what she does. I have now successfully given up smoking for 10 months.
Amanda - Leicester
Amazing!!! I am so thankful that it's working... I've been on very high doses of pain medication for the last 25 years and for the first time with Steph's support and personalised scripts for pain relief and management, I have been able to vastly reduce the amount of medication I am consuming.
I am shocked at the results as I was a sceptic desperate to try anything to reduce the pain I was in.
Talking to Steph about my pain and her treatments, I found for the first time in decades I had hope for a better life. I will forever be in her debt.
Rachel - Cambridge
Stephanie is fantastic, I was suffering with anxiety quite bad. I'm now much more relaxed and learning to cope with it much better. I feel like a different person
Hayley - Leicester