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What we do

What is Hypnotherapy?​

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic work done with the subconscious mind while in the state of hypnosis.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that each and every one of us must pass through in order to go to sleep and awaken each day. It is also the state of mind where the window to the subconscious is open.

Why work with the subconscious?​

Everything we have ever sensed or experienced emotionally is stored in our subconscious. Thus within it lies our internal belief system, which is where our conscious mind refers for tried and tested responses to deal with experiences.

A simple example of this is if we were to step out in front of a car, our subconscious would react and make us move out of the way without us consciously having to think about it. Our subconscious tries to protect us and keep us safe.

However, our internal belief system is also influenced by negative experiences and others thoughts about us and can result in low self esteem, lack of confidence and motivation etc, along with negative coping mechanisms such as anxious thoughts, procrastination, isolation, self harm. etc.

I have successfully treated…….

  • Low self esteem / confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Phobias (Flying / Insects / Heights etc)
  • Weight Loss
  • Insomnia / Sleep issues
  • Pain relief

All of the above take a variable amount of sessions with each sessions being charged at £60.

I have also successfully helped people stop smoking through hypnotherapy.

This is a session of 2 hours charged at £120, with follow ups available.

I have enjoyed a high degree of success with all my clients but please be aware there are no guarantees with these types of treatments.  

Results also depend on the commitment of clients outside of the sessions.

Pricing is

£60 per session
  • Also Quitting smoking @ £120 (2 hours)
  • Plus Follow Ups

About Me

I have become passionate about the ability to aid people with overcoming the obstacles and issues they may encounter in life with the effective use of hypnotherapy.

I can help with anxiety, stress,  addiction or any of the wide variety of problems we can encounter in our day to day lives.

Ranging from public speaking to life changing events I am committed to helping people heal,  to find strength and feel empowered by the experience hypnotherapy offers. With the emphasis on positive personal growth, I aim to instil confidence in a confidential environment. There is no issue that I won’t give my non bias, non judgemental and ethically professional opinion and qualified attention to.  

I can provide a safe place where you can feel at ease.

Relax, whilst learning the techniques for progression and development. Offering you straightforward honesty and empathy, enabling transition to a better life.

You will be in total control at all times of your choices but can, with the help of hypnotherapy make better decisions that create a mindset of self care.

I am here to support you,  to care for you, to understand, journeying with you on your road to a happier,  fulfilling life.

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Professional and focused

Stephanie has made a valuable contribution to our personal development programs. She is happy to share her wealth of knowledge; demonstrating genuine empathy for all of her clients. Steph very quickly became our provider of choice for therapy based activity. She is a true professional, totally solution focused
Mark Frisby (Director / Trainer Access All Areas Training CIC)

Questions? I have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is a natural state which you pass into when going to sleep, waking and possibly on other occasions throughout the day. You may enjoy the feeling but you will always come round.

As with all therapies and medical treatments, there is no guarantee, however hypnotherapy is a technique which has been proven to be an effective treatment for many psychological and physical disorders. Hypnotherapy is no miracle cure though and does require work from the client outside of sessions to be most effective. Full guidance will be given about what is required from the client.

Hypnotherapy is used to create a positive change. Psychologically I will only be targeting the presenting issue and I only work in the positive, therefore the only side effect should be the desired one. Physically, there may be a slight fuzzy head or feeling of drowsiness but this will soon pass. The majority of my clients report a general feeling of well-being and deep relaxation after a session.

Treatment plans vary from client to client. With hypnotherapy being solution focused, most issues can be treated within 4 to 6 weeks. However, this will be discussed in more detail in your free half hour consultation.

Typically a 1 hour session will include between 25-45 minutes of hypnotherapy and a debrief session at the end.

Any other questions please feel free to get in touch and I will be happy to answer any queries.

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